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How do you spend your time on Celtic Heroes?

So, I started playing in December with my wife and we both have five slots and in each slot, we have one of each class.

We play together on our mains (I am a DPS Warrior who will go tank end game and she is a healing Druid), these guys are at about level 60.

I have a Rogue that is my kind of 'main alt' if you will and the one I mainly play when the misses is not on, he is level 40.

The other three guys in my Mage, Ranger, and Druid I only play when I am in the mood.

NOW... I do make sure I do the bounty quests each day with them and so I have the following.

Warrior 60 | Mount - Wolf Level 2 | Pet Mastiff Level 1
Rogue 40 | Mount - Wolf Level 2 | Pet Chicken Level 1
Druid 29 | Mount - Elk Level 1 | No pet yet
Mage 18 | No Mount | No pet
Ranger 19 | No Mount | Wolf Level 1

Now they will all have at least a mount and pet by the end of the week but other than the bounty quests I am only playing the Warrior and Rogue.

How do you guys play?

Should say when the wife is not playing I do fishing and cooking on my Warrior some nights as well.
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Re: How do you spend your time on Celtic Heroes?

Glad to see you and your wife are enjoying the game, altogi :) it's great to share this with someone close to you.

I usually spend my time checking Auction House and selling off all my old fashion items since I've recently returned to the game after a year hiatus and wish to get some more luxury items.

I'll log on in the mornings and complete the bounties for my Rogue, Druid, and girlfriend's birthday Ranger. The Ranger is especially important and I always do that first so that I can get her a nice mount, because she hates going so slow :lol:

When I have the time I lix for a while on my Rogue or Druid and relax. Sometimes I'm with a group, sometimes alone.

Fishing and cooking are something for when I have nothing better to do.. Which is very rarely haha.

And that's how I spend my time :)
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Re: How do you spend your time on Celtic Heroes?


Well I may as well list how I spent my time too.

From 2011-2012 I wondered around, leveled up a little, grinded dustwither for gold, and attended the very rare boss fight.

2013-2014 I leveled 1-190, smashed bosses with the power of ice, camped a lot, and traded a lot.

2015-now I don't boss anymore, or level. I come online now and then, and I duel some people, merch, and collect rare items.
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Re: How do you spend your time on Celtic Heroes?

Welcome to the mayhem! :)
I try to log for dailies on all my characters, update auctions (#CasualMerching) do a little leveling if I'm bored (more repeatable quests than lixs anymore, just as tedious and cheaper :lol:), and hit whatever bosses might be up/due if I have time. :)

Love that you're diversifying; I say try each class to figure out your preferences/play-style, but it's a good idea to level one character up to fund the others some.

Chaotic wrote:Having multiple characters on one account will severely limit you at endgame since you will be unable to log them at once.

...unable to [easily/effectively] log multiple at once.*
Multi-logging is very viable (if you have the hardware), but divides your concentration and makes maneuvering exponentially harder. Kudos to those who multi on major raids.

Good luck!

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Re: How do you spend your time on Celtic Heroes?

Great answer guys and thank you :-)

I need to find out more about the auction house as have only used it one to buy something, need to know what sells and for how much, is it a viable option to make good gold at level 60?

Also, what is the otherworld like, is there a place to get bounties and use auction house there or is the castle still the main point of play throughout?


Do you not find it a chore to log in with all your characters and do the dailies every day?

I am thinking that I need to stop stressing about getting them done and only worry about rogue and warrior, just do the others whenever.

Will log in with them all for the daily log on bonus though as you get red, green and blue bounty tokens so when I eventually go to play them they will have mounts, pets and loads of elixirs hahaha
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