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Warden Disc Fragments

Hey everybody!

This post is just to bring it to everyone's attention a small change we made for the latest update to help our players make their way through the Wardens Armour Quests. Just looking at Muldar's Patch Notes it looks like this change slipped through so I thought I would explain further.

In the past the Disc Fragments only dropped from certain 5 and 6 star bosses in Stonevale which has often made things a bit tricky for solo players.

To help with this we added a small chance of all Disc Fragments to drop from the 3 and 4 star placeholders for the 5 and 6 stars.

So now you get 100% drops from the 5 and 6 stars and a small chance from the placeholders

Happy Hunting :)
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Re: Warden Disc Fragments

Awesome. :) This'll make farming a bit more rewarding (and it closer matches the layout of later quest item drops :D ).
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Re: Warden Disc Fragments

Great change, +1. Always thought that completing the Warden Armor set is way too hard at that level range and a lot of new players quit before completing it because they feel like they have been stucked and can't progress further. But giving all type of discs to all type of mobs wasn't a good idea I think (Aberrant Moonspell drops Dragon disc thread).

Re: Warden Disc Fragments

Agent K wrote:Awesome, was there any 5* disc bosses tho lol

Yes there’s been disc dropping from 5* since 2011.
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