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Re: Elk Battle Mount

Throne wrote:By how much does it slow down an enemy? Doesn’t seem to affect them at all

As far as me and my friends could tell it doesnt do anything.... Maybe its bugged or scales with ability or something cause as of right now everything moves the same speed plus its duration is so short it literally wouldnt matter if it stopped them all together. That being said tho. It still an awesome mount

Re: Elk Battle Mount

Muldar wrote:It is the most beautiful mount made so far that is so large and gets in the way when I'm trying to take screenshots :lol:

indeed... was love at first sight!
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Re: Elk Battle Mount

Have to say that the Elk is an amazing caster pet. Hopefully the bolas ability works when I get my ability up higher (assuming no one else tampers with my ability lixing :roll: ).
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