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Re: Yuletide Fishing Extravaganza!

How can i complain or report about the number one competitor in Belenus Server, he's using growth charm while fishing, blocking the view and instead of pointing to the fishing hole you'll point at him because he's eating the whole screen and you will automatically view his profile and while it's happening he's getting all the fishes. I think it's unfair for us also competing.

Re: Yuletide Fishing Extravaganza!

Mentor wrote:
Taps Aff wrote:
bluevalley88 wrote:None of the mods actually answered my question lol. But someone said you can't buy fish to get ahead? Where did that get that confirmed?

As stated in the original post for this thread, your count on the leaderboard will only increase "when you actively perform the action of looting this fish". Buying via trade or Auction House will not count.

Mentor wrote:Wish I have spots with lings on 180 spots

There are places throughout Lir's that the Glacial Waters have a chance to go up to 180. Have a look around any body of water to find them!

I mean only 180+ fish in that 180+ actual spots not as we have now in lirs fish 40-50 (lings 30-180)
then we can fish our normal lvl fish and can participate in content in same time as low lvls can

there is place at lirs near Northern Peninsula's ley with rippling Water lvl 180-189 and you can get some glacial water too

Re: Yuletide Fishing Extravaganza!

Touched wrote:
Tadaaah wrote:
Touched wrote:How can I get in touch with an admin here? Time sensitive please help :)

Is here.

How do I pm you? Sorry for the nooby questions haha

You'll need to make 5 posts to threads. I don't prefer to be PM'd. If it is something you can post openly, please create a thread.

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