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Re: Yuletide Fishing Extravaganza!

AoifaS wrote:Will trading in the ling for nodens lower our score?

no :)
score is how much will you catch
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Re: Yuletide Fishing Extravaganza!

It's now been over 48 hours since the competition started and it's been amazing to watch the progress!

Total fish caught per server so far is below:

Arawn - 10815
Rhiannon - 8221
Balor - 8052
Belenus - 8011
Epona - 7246
Morrigan - 7133
Lir - 6879
Danu - 6812
Fingal - 6135
Sulis - 5351
Taranis - 5329
Rosmerta - 5347
Donn - 4988
Mabon - 4978
Gwydion - 4367
Crom - 4567
Lugh - 4548
Herne - 3931
Nuada - 3697

There's now less than 23 hours left to make your mark in the Angler's Guild hall of fame, so keep up the good work!

Re: Yuletide Fishing Extravaganza!

The leaderboards should update every hour, so they will be behind in terms of actual values caught.

Once the competition ends it will also take a while to update with the final values, so if you're looking to get that prize position don't stop until the set end time of 17:00 UTC tomorrow.

Catching Ling from Glacial Waters thereafter will no longer count toward your ranking after that set time tomorrow.

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