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Re: Is crafting coming ?

Don’t believe so or it would have been in one of the hints probs.

My guess is they would save crafting for next winter
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Re: Is crafting coming ?

When it does finally come, and i mean real crafting not cooking food or catching fish so an npc can cook food for you, it had better be good.
I want to combine two rings, or combine a ring and armor or weapon. I want to grind up diamonds to make my weapon sharper, or melt ignots to make my armor thicker. I want to stud my shield with rubys and saphires for more heat and ice resistance, use jets to turn my armor black, attach blades to my mounts boading, give my pet a peridot collar and make a cloak out of wolf pelts.
You guys give us all that and you do it right you wont hear another word out of me about boss design, end game content or bottlenecks.
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Re: Is crafting coming ?

This would be really cool actually. Just like in Diablo II, empower your weapons and armour with magical runes and rare gemstones. This would also fit in the world of Celtic Heroes since there are already a lot of different gemstones in the game which you can find.

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