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What to do??

I'm lvl 120 on my rogue in Arawn and every time I go to lix with a combo, I can barely kill 3*. Even off lix I can't kill 2*. I have warden armor, lesser dagger 35 pierce dmg and gives 70 strength. 85 dmg offhand. 10 e and health ammy. kron ring, 20 dex. Skill upgrade rings +4's. What should I do? (fyi I'm broke)
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Re: What to do??

At that level the best place to level up is in the otherworld at the south end of the blackstone fortress.
- try to get some runes to drop from them to upgrade your armour to the obsidian armour. Meteoric armour would be best at your level, and I suspect that your warden armour is holding you back.
- try cooking to get some items that will help you while leveling up.
- did you do the main quest? try that to advance a well.
- Join a clan and see if there's anyone your level that wants to lix with you.

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Re: What to do??

Killface wrote:The quests are the Way to go. At that level, you should be able to get repeatable's that are worth more exp then you could ever get from elixirs

+1. This was going to be my reply. Also dont neglect doing your bounty quests, those are some of the best xp for the time invested. Gladiator daily is also very nice.
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Re: What to do??

Honestly, it sounds to me like your build is off.
Can you post your stats?

Are you auto assigning points?

You should always be able to kill a mob 3* your level without restos and 4* your level with 1-2 restos. If you can't your build is off. Some choose to use combo's and some choose to use exp lix and beefier builds. Learning to dial in your build is a bit of an art. You might also consider that if your gear is that bad, that you either buy some plat, and sell some chests for gold (the lazy way), or go farm some mobs that are quick and easy to kill. Farm and then buy better gear.

You are level 120 so you should have meteoric armor.

For a rogue you should have a lux dagger (or dark aggy spear), and level 100 lux fire offhand axe from the carrows lux vendor. Wardens is obsolete at your level.
At level 120 you should start looking for a bossing clan. You wont progress through frozen/dragonlord/EDL without one. If you are an active bosser, any half decent clan should recognize that and gear you.

On my rogue I always used combo lixes to level. I liked them better than a rainbow. A rogue on a combo is a wonderful thing.

I suspect your issue is a lack of decent jewels/armor/weapons or a poor build.

As others said, do bounties, and dailies.
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