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Re: Why is the reaper ring so good?

Doesnt boost overall attack thats correct. Steady, frenzy and elixir arent affected by reaper. What else even if it adds 900 it means it fills over a different slot. In my specific case I have godly and two imperial axes rings which all give me 1000+ attack (godly is 1128 with frenzy boost, the rest like 1015) as well as lots of dmg boost (170 or so from godly). Dmg is not useless, ppl stack attack which is good but neglect dmg. In some cases I can obviously see why reaper is good, but end game wise? Not my cup of tea.
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Re: Why is the reaper ring so good?

You really can't compare axe rings to dagger/bow rings.

At least on my server, we had several royal/imperial axe rings just lying around, whereas the lowest tier dagger/bow rings are bid on multiple time.. Let alone anything royal+ which goes for insane amounts.

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