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Re: Dragons Not Created Equal

Muldar wrote:This was intentional as Poison resistance values are much lower pre-tower, this is balanced out by the DOT effects.
However you are correct about the lures, a maxed lure means you will hit harder than the poison damage despite being better at base.

In what way is this balanced out by the dot? if i remember correctly the lvl 6 poison dragon does 130 per tick which doesn't increase at all based on ability. A difference of 10 to 20 damage per tick is literally a difference of 2-4 damage per tick whereas at max ability being like 1k impact damage less is a much more meaningful increase. I don't think that poison should have the exact same damage, but i would recommend that it should be around 70-80% of the others to somewhat equalize the impact lures make on the majority of raids

Edit* Changed stated impact damage to better reflect actual numbers
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