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Complete oversupply

There is now a complete oversupply of lixs, resurrection idols and restoration potions.

For example I have 12k redirection idols


Why can’t they make a shop which trades the idols or useless chest rewards for something worth it. Maybe more chests or a dragon egg
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Re: Complete oversupply

Oversupply is a good thing in my eyes lol. Maybe lixs will actually go back to a normal price like in the old days (combos back then on belenus were 6-7k each, now they are 10k+).
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Re: Complete oversupply

Think of all the good and plat spent to get those, I hope people that spent a lot don’t let up on pricing and shortchange themself
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Re: Complete oversupply

12k idols isn't a lot! I still have 20k ancient idols, and probably 70-100k new idols lol.

Approximately 60-80k resto pots, and at least 4k of each lix, lol.

I'm set for years.
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Re: Complete oversupply

On arawn i have diedmore than 12k times :shock: play long enough and you will use those idols eventualy :D
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Re: Complete oversupply

The solution to that (if OTM agrees this is a real problem) is to introduce cash value for each plat item, to the shop. Either half its original plat value, or something obscenely low... 25g per idol, 40g per resto, 100g-1k per lix, dependent on rarity, etc. Prices like this would keep plat items in circulation unless there was a SERIOUS overstock (like on idols), because you can almost always get more than shop price for them.

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