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Double Platinum - Tomorrow!


There are now less than 24 hours before our Black Friday Double Platinum Sale!

As a bonus we've included some mini events and giveaways!



Limited time 100 Firebreath and Aeon chest bundles! Visit the Premium Store or Special Offer page to purchase!


Boss and bounty weekend! Daily bounties have been doubled! 4 free and 8 pledge bounties!
Mordris, Aggragoth, Necromancer, Hrungnir, Proteus and Gelebron will have greatly reduced spawn timers!


Finally visit the Special Offers page to claim a free Heroic Super Combo Elixir!

Re: Double Platinum - Tomorrow!

Lorhad Owens wrote:How does the increased boss spawn help anyone other than end game clans. The lag effected everyone. Not just the end game. I’m not sure if this was the event you had planned for it but if so this was a terrible decision.

I'm sure everyone can enjoy either fast EG spawns or double bounties or both. Not to mention free hero combo as well. This mini event isn't only catered towards endgame clans. Learn to appreciate things as a whole instead of complaining on the one thing that you dislike about.
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