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Black Friday

Hello, so me and some friends have got our money all saved up for double plat again this years Black Friday. But some people are doubting it happening. I just wanted to make sure cause I got my money aside got excited and a few people have given me doubt of it happening. Then again there are so many more that are saying it is happening I just wanna make Sure.

Re: Black Friday

I wish it was like old times, before the days of tokens for everything and where cool rare items where found in chests. These days I dont have any incentive to buy plat or chests much anymore. The dragon pets are nice, but the one in a million chance or whatever insanely low drop rate its set at makes me not even care. I think tokens have had a negative impact on this game. I know its slightly off topic, but getting event fashions, mounts, novelty items and such was THE REASON double plat events where exciting. Now days, its just meh. You can use in-game gold for pretty everything and with the token system theres no hurry so if you still care at a later date whatever you wanted will still be there.
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Re: Black Friday

Rodolfo18 wrote:Yeah this is jydog muldar and I'm itching to find out when is Black Friday or what you got in stock
P.s your number #1 play buyer

Black Friday is this friday .-.
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