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Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

Aileron wrote:
Chaotic wrote:
Aileron wrote:They only restarted the servers. They didn't change anything .
Obviously it's not a simple fix. They don't even know why it's happening.

When these kinds of things happen to our servers, we bring them down and perform a thorough review of everything, top to bottom. Rather than making our user suffer through, it's aggravates our users, make them dislike our product. Even if it costs us a few days of operation and profit loss, it's better in the long term.

All this does is make us more happy lol. You are acting like more resets are a bad thing. We get to constantly kill raids that we would otherwise spend ages waiting for.

I'm not talking about the resets. I know everyone likes them because of the bosses. Which means there is no camping for bosses which only highlights the fundamental flaw of this game.

I'm talking about lag, when cooking, when lixing, when raiding ,etc. It's annoying tapping buttons and nothing happening. Dying to mobs unnecessarily. 5 mobs killed on one xp lix because it takes 3 minutes to kill something. Gele raids aborting because of lag and wasted lixes. So are you happy when the game is like that?

You prefer daily resets for 20 hours of laggy play? You be honest.

Uh, actually it’s like that RIGHT NOW. Constantly getting kicked, don’t even try to do bounties in Arcane, and you just sit and watch mobs kill you while you’re stuck casting a skill. Don’t even waste a lix right now. So yes, we need yet another reset, and NO, WE ARE NOT HAPPY.
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Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

Rogue4Life wrote:We won’t real fixes.... yes the server resets which is a temporary fix, give us loads of bosses but in the end the problem isn’t being addressed, they should just take down servers for 3-5 hours and fix the issue since they’re wasting our and their time

The resets which temp fix should give them enough time to fix alone.
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