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Re: CH getting from bad to worse

What are you talking about? The new update is awesome. The dragon for the 1 percent is awesome. Muldar transfer me to another server please
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Re: CH getting from bad to worse

Tadaaah wrote:UPDATE:
Can't say for certain, but it is likely you will experience a server restart once the UK is back in the office. The team here is has located an issue in the logs and is working on solutions.

If the solution doesn't work, are you guys gonna work this weekend to resolve issues and reset servers on Saturday and Sunday? Unplayable servers with lag only pisses players off, waste lixes (and I'm sure that's just fine and dandy). But I'd prefer a long downtime with proper fixes as opposed to daily resets with trial and error fixes.

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Re: CH getting from bad to worse

If it's not a stupid suggestion. Why can't you do whatever it was that you did a day or so after the cross platform update?
After the cross platform went live server performance nosedived, then suddenly you've found a possible solution. There was another restart to implement the fix and hey presto hardly any lag from then until now.
Don't say that the fix wasn't added to any source control repository and now has been overwritten by the new update and so has gotten lost.
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