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Daylight Savings Ends - Server Lag

Hey Heroes,

Due to the recent time change in the US for daylight savings ending, all servers experienced a brief period of lag, aptly named the "Hour of peace" by Regen.

Had a quick look at the server monitor and tested on world servers, appears the issue is resolved.

Thanks for reporting and have a great weekend!
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Re: Daylight Savings Ends - Server Lag

This happens because of the shift in server time, it's not lag per se but the cool down of skills get screwed up.

Let's say you cast a skill at 1:59:45am EDT. It's usual cool down is, say, 15 seconds. The next time you can cast the skill is at 2:00:00am but since the server time rolled back to 01:00:00, your skill is on cool down again until clock hits 2:00:00.

I remember this happened last year also and the wait time for timed skills and actions were reported as being over 59minutes.

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Re: Daylight Savings Ends - Server Lag

Yep, I think it happens because of the time mismatches between US/Britain. This was the third time it happened - mobs don't move, only do their idle animations; skills don't cast; equipment updates only happen during zone changes... it is a bizarre hour! But great fun.

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