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Update Idea?

I've been thinking about this for at least 2 years now, and I personally think that a zone where clans own certain territory would be awesome. Imagine going to your safe zone with all your clannies while archers are firing arrows out of towers and mages are blasting other clan zones and trying to move territory. I know some would say "well a dominant clan would just rule everything" and yeah that is completely true but time zones are a huge factor in every world on Celtic Heros. And I sure as heck know that when the gens and guards and chiefs are sleeping, the other non dom clans can take zones and also be able to have fun. When you capture zones and hold them, you should be able to recieve gold or some type of loot for holding all the territory. And of course each clan would have their own head quarters where they'd scheme and hold their most valuable zone and be able to plot attacks and take more zones. The general idea of this is basically a guild war, it'd be pvp but there'd be competitive loot and rules involved. I know this isn't perfect but I think it'd be cool
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Re: Update Idea?

You’ve been thinking about this for 2 years? So many issues pop up to my mind within 5 seconds of reading.

Firstly, what is the limit of clans that can participate? Can I make a 1 man clan and have my territory? So is this new area infinite, or forever expanding?

Just because the gems and guards are sleeping, doesn’t stop the other 99% of the clan from continue thrashing the competition.

How do you capture zones? Just by walking? Taking a flag? Killing a guild boss?

Too many questions to even list here.

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Re: Update Idea?

If this game had a lot better PvP system then sure, it'd be really fun, but with it's limitations and lack of balanced pvp, this idea just won't work on many levels.

The PC game Lineage II had a similar system, but guilds did sieges on castles, not zones. It was a weekly event at a specified time. Kinda king of the hill type situation. Whoever ended up in possession at the end got a variety of benefits for the week. Stuff like, double xp, gold, profits from what was bought in that town etc.

This game isn't anywhere close to being able to do something like that.

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