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Golden Apples

Just finished collecting Golden Apples for my Spiritshadow armor and I think this quest has a bit misleading description, and because of this it takes way more time to complete. The quest says you need to collect five Golden Apples which can be obtained from the different Dryads in the Otherworld but most likely from the Quickthorns. I spent two days in the Kelpie swamp farming Quickthorns but didn’t get a single quest drop, all the five apples dropped by the Ashborns. I don’t sure it’s a bug or just my luck but also found an other thread about this issue, so I'm not the only one who experienced this "apple problem".

Now I'm curious, are the Quickthorns able to drop Golden Apples?

Re: Golden Apples

I think so. Its been a while since I did those quests and I didn't really farm most except the nexuses (or is it nexi???).
I can't say for sure on the drop rates of which has a higher chance to drop, but I'm 95% sure I got some from Quickthorns.

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Re: Golden Apples

It's not exactly a large sample size, but of the 3 toons I've gotten spiritshadow armour for, I would say it felt like maybe at least 2/3 of the apples came from ashborns whilst trying to get the corrupted apples. The rest came from quickthorns. So, yes it does seem like golden apples are dropped more from ashborns and yes quickthorns do also drop them.

Thinking back, whilst I was trying to get the enchanted leaves, I'm not sure if I got many golden apples. It seems like it was more specifically the ashborns that also drop the corrupted apples (forget the actual name), rather than all ashborns, that dropped golden apples the most.
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