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Re: The reason end game players quit.

Sounds sh it and not fun at all. The game especially endgame is already pretty stale and boring on its own, why kill the fun some more with so many rules... no wonder your clan failed.

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Re: The reason end game players quit.

It’s when we stopped doing reforms that the clan failed. The strict reforms are what made the game fun at end game. Who wants to just castle sit all day and wait to get burnt out like all the people who quit at lvl 100 do? Since there’s no real mechanics in the game that make it difficult we created our own style to make the game hard and people loved it. Those were the good days but also not the reason I made this post.

And as I keep saying the reforms were done very few times and it was to weed out the new recruits who came from clans with no rules that constantly lost bosses (to us).

Now I’m not gonna defend my old clan anymore because that’s not the point of this post but we were all friends in that guild and we would all be in grp calls all night long. It was strict but we were okay with it being strict and that’s why we joined. When the rules were loosened a bit is when we lost members to other games because it just kept getting boring and reppetitive.
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Re: The reason end game players quit.

OmeX wrote:I don’t know why I’m making this post. I’m just remembering old times I guess and realizing why things turned out the way they did. I played Celtic for 3 years and had a lvl 220 rogue. I have 4000+ hours logged in on that account alone. 2500+ hours of that were dedicated to growing my family of a clan and they were the reason I kept playing this cut rate mmo for as long as I did. Now that they are mostly all gone for good and half of them hate each other, it just sucks to log in because there’s nobody left for me to talk to except for the few of my old friends that still slave away bossing for our former rival clan and barely get any assistance from other people in the clan who had the majority of their drops handed to them by the hard work of the people who built that clan up to where it is today. If they didn’t rival us when we were on top then we would have had no reason to play once we all got geared. I remember back when my old clan Bloodlust was in an alliance with our current clan Aequilibrium, I spent 4 months getting edl. I bossed for at least 5 hours a day trying to get to the top of the list for edl and would continue to boss for drops that I could use but never got because some inactive person was a bit higher on the list than me. But the morning I got EDL I was so excited. I made a YouTube video about it on my old channel and went to a couple bosses and just showed it off in the castle for a bit. But within 2 hours of getting my EDL I just got bored and logged off. I felt like there was nothing left for me to do. We couldn’t do prot yet and I had all the gear that I thought I needed. I didn’t have goals, I didn’t have reason to play really. I also log in to lookin at those stupid aeon chests my formerly 40 mil worth of fash is now worth 3-5 mil because of those things. The thousands of dollars I spent over the years acquiring those things now mean nothing more than something I can farm the gold for in a few days now. Thanks OTM adding a stupid word to the name of the item doesn’t do a thing.

Anyways in my old clan I would spend my nights in a group call for hours with some of my best friends many of them who would laugh and roast bob for hours a night now hate each other cause this games entertainment factor is based on drama. After getting geared and reaching end game, the only thing to do is compete against other clans which turns into vicious drama that rips friendships apart.

Here is the way Bloodlust worked.


Clan reformation:

BloodLust will undergo its 7th official clan reformation starting today.

What is a "clan reformation"?

Back then when BL was rising we would do this instead of recruiting at random times, this kept order and tighter bonds in between us all after it was over.
We recruit in mass for a short period, then we close our doors. The next phase is the actual reform where we test all of the recruits. All recruits will be watched AND tested troughout the reform, which will last 4 days.

Things to be expected from everyone DURING the reformation are as follow:

• No castle sitting at any time, unless you're buying or selling (limited to 10 minutes per day).
• Bossing and lixing are our first priority.
If you need to lix to level up feel free to do so, otherwise you will be bossing with the rest of the clan.
• Bossing priorities (depending on level) are:
- DragonLord: Sreng and Snorri
- Exalted DragonLord: Unox, Ang and Crag
- Frozen: Grom, Chained and Pyrus.
The rest of the bosses can be killed as long as the priority bosses are down and not due.
• If bosses are down then we will camp the timers we don't have.
• If you're not busy or of level to attend a boss, you shall lix or farm warden, meteor, frozen, boneshards, etc.
• If a boss is down feel free to mention it in our clan chat.
• When we are gathering/fighting a raid boss or a legacy boss, you shall NOT call for other bosses due and DON'T leave to go attend them even if they are the priority bosses mentioned above, unless the leadership explicitly tells you to do it.

Certain things will not be tolerated during and after the reform:

• Interrupting leadership when explaining things.
• Talking during lock battle 2 minutes before due or during window open.
• Castle sitting.
• Talking to non clanmates in say chat during lock battles.
• Afking during lock battles (please dont do this).
• Being told to not do something and continually doing so.

Any other DONTS will be brought up ingame as we progress trough the reform.


All clansmen will be demoted to recruit.
You are all equally worthless till you prove your worth not just for the clan but for yourself as a person in a competitive game and to be called family.
(Even if you where a clansmen already)

After reformation is over, those who did not make it will be all kicked together at the same time. No questions asked. If they'd wish to return they will have to wait until BloodLust stabilizes again.
(Only applies to new recruits)

AFTER the reformation, you CAN still be kicked.
All recruits will be promoted to clansman, afterwards all of the reformation rules established that where taught to all of you will be expected to still be followed.
You can relax a little more from the tension of being kicked but don't let your guard down.
After the reformation you basically get one extra life.
If you at anytime misbehave or go against the things we teach and coordinate in BloodLust or just act out in anyways, you will be demoted on the spot with no warning.
You can regain your rank after you solve the problem for which you where demoted for in the first place. Being demoted to recruit again lands you in hot water. If you mess up one more time you will be kicked and there is no return after that.

Yes we will be strict.
Yes most of you will not like it.

If you feel like leaving or threaten to leave/quit i will kick you personally. We don't want people who don't want to be in BloodLust for the right reasons.
We set our expectations high and aim for the best in people.
Expect to be threatened to leave.
Expect to be tense while you play
Expect pressure and being watched for everything you do.
Expect to be told when you're wrong in a situation or to be quiet.
Expect the Chieftain to threaten you often to gtfo (trust me I will).
Expect random demotions and kicking.
Expect all of the above things until we believe everyone has been through the fire enough and is ready to uphold the BloodLust doctrine we try to keep our word and loyalty to.

Any questions feel free to ask leadership.
Leaders for this reform are:
• Larelian Shone (Chief)
• Fallen Leaf (General)
• Eski, Sylver, Arsenic, OmeX (Guardians)

From this point forward all drops are to be handed to and collected ONLY by leadership, when they are present in order of priority (Chieftain, General ,Guardians), unless specified.
IF no leader is around, you will mail the drops to our main clan bank "inbox" level 3 warrior.

Things to keep in mind during this reform:

• Bossing will be a priority over this specific reform since it is where we need to touch up on
• If any member is called to a boss and fails to explain or show up to the boss, they will be kicked on the spot until further notice, unless they specified they are afk. • Don't come pming me after being kicked saying you were afk, an easy way to prevent this is logging out.
• Know locking priorities when groups get full. Order of importance goes Rogues, Rangers, Warriors/Mages, Druids level 181-200, unless Rogues.
• Anyone above lvl 220 are recommended NOT to show up to Sreng/Snorri IF group is full OR they have DL/EDL weapons.
• Anything that may sound or seem toxic or unnecessary, demotivating, demoralizing, etc will be adressed on the spot. No matter how upset or how much of a stubborn human being you may be. Do NOT ever demoralize the clan because of how you may be feeling that day or any day.
• Don't argue and fight with your clanmates or point fingers for problems, feel free to talk with your clanmates as the family you all claim to be. Everyone needs to realize that the clan as a whole is more important than an individuals view of things. No one is censored in this clan and everyone has equal rights to speak but dont take advantage of that to creates uneeded stress.

Obey these rules and your leaders as individual loyal clanmates and together as family. This game is supposed to be fun but it is demanding. Somethings have to be done and this is one of them.

Wish you all the best of luck.

- Larelian Shone

This is how we won so many outnumbered lock battles.

Today I talked to some old friends and we discussed about the old grp calls and mentioned some old inactive people who we had so much fun with. To name some of the people that the lack of content and games design of competitive drama made quit, there would be pyro, wrathqueen, Lare, arsenic, voar, jesss, Emil, Dolores, eski, and myself.

Without us Aequilibrium would had died out like we did, and the server would still be rolling on drops and not have clear leadership. We are the reason necro and proteus went down so soon, and nobody remembers us.

We played the game, and we lost.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. So you only got fashion because it was worth millions? What was your plan to hoarde it so noone else could get anything decent or just to show boat? I personally dont even care about fashion whatsoever i just get tired of seeing people on here whining because their items are not worth what they used to be. Otm cant live off the money you used to spend. Even if they wanted to they have bosses who want them to maintain a steady stream of income.
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Re: The reason end game players quit.

Little late to the party but that one post (too lazy to quote but its the long af one) is so useless. Sure it describes your reformation thing or whatever...but whats the point, i dont feel like that had anything to do with the title of this thread AT ALL. (i stopped reading at one point cuz it got pointless)

By the way, you gave everyone a really crappy impression of your clan, you just told us how strict you are for a week and that you block out all creativity for those people. I saw like nothing about how fun your endgame is and outside of the reformation thing, except that ‘’These are rules only for the reform.’’ - Good Explanation for your clan, care to enlighten us on the rules OUTSIDE of that One Week Period of Reformation? :D
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Re: The reason end game players quit.

Got almighty, I can see why endgame players quit on your world. Having to go through that isn't something I would ever want to do. This is a game, I am a very active player and this sounds like way to much. I actively camp and keep timers but I screw around when I want. Limiting people to sitting in the castle for 10 mins is ridiculous lol. There is no problem with having some strict rules to make players understand when they need to be serious but like a week of non stop seriousness just sounds like hell. If the dominant clan on my server was like this I wouldn't be in it and would have never even thought about joining it.
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