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Re: Cost of Firestorm

I’ve always bought my firestorm tomes around 100k max...maybe 110k because its close enoufh...Although like last month i remember someone bought me firestorm cause i was looking for it, and they were going to give me it foe free, sadly this was an hour after i got one myself :lol:
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Re: Cost of Firestorm

Highest I've ever paid for Firestorm on Morrigan is 40k. But I've gotten it as low as 20k also.
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Re: Cost of Firestorm

I’ve never bought firestorm honestly I usually get from when I solo ow/gold bosses and when I do get it I’ll give it free to a friend/clanny, and in gwydion ah definitely isn’t anything you take literally from I’ve seen maybe 5 people who have correct prices for their things in ah while the rest is the number glitch or over priced like people selling 3 knows 10k bid and 111111 buyout same thing happens to all the other lixs and restos
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Re: Cost of Firestorm

Let's swing this a bit. You're a new player and don't really know anyone. You certainly don't know that there's an out of game chat room that you can find items for cheaper. You're buying firestorm from the AH. How much are you going to spend. This isn't how much would you spend if you know someone that has it that's your friend and you get the hook up. This isn't I bought it 6 months ago for 25k.

If you started right now and had to depend on ah for firestorm, how much will you spend.
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