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100% mounts

A 100% stormskimmer came from a chest today reviving the mount completely as the only other one is on an inactive toon...

Has their been any rare 100% mount chest drops on any other servers?
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Re: 100% mounts

There is a 100% winterwing and grovehawk so far on lugh.

I had the winterwing but sold it... wouldn't be keepin aeon mounts(and indirectly any chest mount) if you are an investor...
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Re: 100% mounts

Freezerburn/Chrysaor wrote:An avid plat buyer and nub player on Morrigan has opened a 95/40 winterwing and a 100% Cranfir Spiritsteed (the purple and white one with the goat head thingy)

You can call people nubs after you get 220. Thx
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