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*CLOSED* Screenshot Competition

The closing date for this competition has been set for Monday 18th June 2012 at 11.00am GMT.

Therefore you have until Monday morning to get your screenshots in!

*note - full resolution pictures only, don't resize them please or iTunes won't accept them!*

It’s time for another competition here on the Celtic Heroes forum. Following the launch of the update, we thought it might be good to run a screenshot competition which will allow you to show us what you’ve been getting up to in the game now that the new content has been added.

All you have to do is take a screenshot (or twenty!) whilst you’re playing the game, and then post a link to your picture in this topic. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s quite easy!

The competition features 3 categories, and you can enter each category as many times as you want.

The categories are:
    Best iPad Picture for iTunes
    Best iPhone Picture for iTunes
    Community Favourite Picture
The winners of each category will each receive an in-game item, and those who win the iTunes categories will have their pictures featured on the Celtic Heroes page on the iTunes App Store.

For those of you who wish to enter the iTunes categories there are a couple of guidelines which you need to follow in order for your picture to be considered:
    The picture must be high-res. Therefore, pictures from older devices (e.g. iPod Touch 2G) will not be counted. Devices which do count are: iPad (1, 2, and the new iPad), iPhone (4 and 4S), iPod Touch (3G and upwards).
    The option ‘Show Names’ must be disabled. That is, we shouldn’t be able to see any character, NPC, or mob names in your screenshot.
    Your picture could feature either some action (you fighting a mob or another player in PVP), or other people. These pictures will be used to advertise Celtic Heroes, so keep that in mind when taking your screenshot.
If you would like some idea as to the kind of image we are looking for for the iTunes categories, head on over the to Celtic Heroes page on the App Store (which can be found here) where you’ll see what screenshots we are currently using.

For the Community Favourite picture the guidelines are not as strict, we just want your screenshot to be as varied as possible: from panoramic views of the landscape, to the challenging new enemies; from you chilling in The Tavern to your character duking it out with another player in The Arena. You can be as creative as you want - let your imagination run wild!

If you’re wondering how to take a screenshot, check out the awesome guide on how to do just that by Arrow26 and TheDarkSide. You can find the Picture/Screenshot Upload Guide here but make sure you don't downsize the picture, only full size pictures can be used on itunes!

However, we don’t want you to post your screenshots to the forums as we have reached the limit of how many images we can have on here. Instead, we’d like you to upload your picture to an image service such as yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram, etc., and then post a link to your image in this topic. That way we can still view your images, but the forums won’t buckle and collapse due to the quantity of your fantastic screenshots. I’ll include links to a bunch of popular image hosting services at the bottom of this post which you can use to upload your picture to. Be sure to include which category you are entering when you post a link to your image.

The competition will be open until Monday 11th June 2012, and once it is over we’ll pick the winners of the iTunes categories. For the Community Favourite picture, we’ll select our 10 favourite images and then let YOU decide which you think is the best

So, just a reminder:
    Take a screenshot of you playing Celtic Heroes. If you are entering the iTunes categories be sure to follow the guidelines.
    Upload your picture to an image hosting service.
    Post a link to your image in the topic, and which category you are entering.
And that’s it! We hope you enjoy this competition, and we’re looking forward to seeing your screenshots!

Good luck!

Image hosting services:
Twitpic (for those of you with Twitter accounts)
Terms of Service, Policies and Procedures: http://celtic-heroes.com/support/

Re: Screenshot Competition: Have your picture featured on iT

My submissions:

iPhone category (& community)


I'm not sure if they're correct resolution. Any disallowed screenshots can go to the community one. :)

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