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Re: Longest prot kill

wow. How many did you have?

OTM would probably thank you for your massive use of plat items. That's the purpose of rage these days.

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Re: Longest prot kill

Impressive you had the strength to do such a fight, I remember several 1-2 hr kills on our server when prot first was introduced as we didn't know how to strip his wards so they were all mage/druid kills.
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Re: Longest prot kill

Longest ever prot kill on arawn was the very first prime. 90 mins because we didnt know lvl 50 lure canceled out the screens. I think our first base was 70 mins. After we found out about lures it has basicaly all been the 10-20 mins range with maybe a few a bit longer early on
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Re: Longest prot kill

I think I went thru 5-6 heroic combos on our longest kill back in the beginning with very little dps and the server nuisance dragging the adds onto everyone ...well over an hour kill ...we didn’t start zerging thru long rages with low numbers until the competition started spending one hour plus to down them. I honestly wish bolas wouldn’t work on a raged boss. I don’t like platting bosses, but if we don’t, the competition will...so you just do it with what you have online before someone else does lol. Thankfully, we rarely see rage anymore.
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