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Re: Carrowmore Carnage - Mini Event!

bob the mage wrote:Muldar can you confirm a few things?
-) dl spawn windows. Is it 2.5 minute windows? Or 10 minute windows with windows reopening every 30 minutes?
-) are money bosses included?
-) what about mobs and adds in general? Is it every varrowmore mob or just certain id's that are affected

Muldar wrote:The bosses of Carrowmore Tunnels will be spawning much more regularly during this event, with Mordris and the Dragonlord Bosses spawning at a 4x increased rate, and the various Legacy Bosses spawning multiple times per day!

This event begins this Friday and will end on Monday the 11th! Don't miss out!

First Bold - The Bosses of Carrowmore Tunnels then he elaborates on 'bosses' with the second bolded part 'Mordris and Dragonlord' Nothing about gold bosses or mormal mobs 'Mordris and Dragonlord'.

Robert wrote:
Pimbso wrote:
H3ROBigG wrote:Does it include legacy 5 star bosses like garanak acolyte?

What don't you noobs understand about EVERY boss in Carrow

Minis have a different spawn location. Mini=/=Boss,

Then he further announces the various legacy bosses- Garanak 5 is a legacy boss.
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Re: Carrowmore Carnage - Mini Event!

thanks muldar for clarifying, and chaotic im 100% lost on what you were trying to quote. Only thing from Muldar you quoted provided 0 answers to my questions...
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