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Support offhands

Hi so i was wondering if a support rogue and ranger needed preferably a master grimoire/focus of the seer/focus of the seer level 150 version to become better at being a support player. I see many support druids using one of those offhands and many support mages using them aswell. Sometimes i see mages going tank for like hard bosses because they are using a shield. So yea i have a support rogue and ranger i am currently working on. Level 102 and 98. Should i sell my level 50 golden blade and level 100 quiver for a focus of the seer to use on both? Or just get 2 master grimoires for when i dual log and level both my accs together. Thanks for the feedback!

Ps - since support classes use a lot of energy should i put points in meditate?

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Re: Support offhands

Keep your offhands bro. Since your support your gonna need dex for poison wep and sharpen wep. Just change your build to dex. Hope my suggestion helps you :)
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Re: Support offhands

Definately keep your current offhands. The reason that you see mages and druids using the seers offhand is because all of those classes skills are boosted by focus. A ranger and rogues skills are all boosted by strength and dexterity so the offhands that you would want for a ranger and rogue should have either dex or str
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