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Remember when...

Remember when there weren't tabs on the map and to go to a different location you had to tap through the different areas?

Add your own :)
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Re: Remember when...

Remember when steel scale wyrms cast heavy barge, instead of heavy barrage? Oh wait they still haven't fixed that typo, nm.
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Re: Remember when...

Zkills wrote:Remember when mail didn't exist and we had to xfer items from one toon to another. Easy to get scammed and it was when the term "xfer" was created.

haha yeah I remember feeling so devastated when I got scammed of a full luxury set like three or four years ago just because I was too shy to ask a trusted player to transfer my items to my main

Re: Remember when...

... when groups could only hold four people ...

... when your inventory was maxed at five items ...

... when rangers couldn't shoot arrows ...

... when it was a signature-worthy achievement to be picked for beta ...

... when every event had a wand and a hat quest ...

... when the game was full of puns ...

... when it was considered chinsy to use an elix to level ...
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