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Re: Server Restart - 15 Minutes - Hotfix

Muldar wrote:
Alishia wrote:Muldar any info about time frame here would be greatly appreciated.

We are currently in the office working on resolving this issue.

We have no eta at this time.

If you say the ETA is Friday Aug 4 1200 BST, no one would blame OTM and we would applaud you taking the time to do things properly.

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Re: Server Restart - 15 Minutes - Hotfix

This is Bull****! I've been waiting 2 hours for your "15 minute reset"... Seriously ! You're pissing everybody off and losing customers by the hour . If you want to keep people playing this game then actually fix the problems and don't lie and say "Oh we estimate 15 minutes till the reset" and have it be hours . Ffs.
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