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Re: Revival Chests

Those chests shouldve only been released in the new world Nuada anyway.

When we asked for mounts back in chests we meant new mounts not legacy mounts. When we asked for event exclusive fash we meant new fash that are only exclusive in that event, we didnt want legacy fash back. Stop bringing back legacy items, old players spent crap tons of money in the past during those events coz they knew that that was the only time theyll be able to get those items. These revival chests are a slap in the face to old loyal players that believed in you and funded your game in the past.

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Re: Revival Chests

I am one of the old players and I have some good old stuff that is already gone down on prices but still happy they came back like a white hunter set is 10m... that's not resoneable and why don't we give the new ones a chance to like Celtic heroes more and more
Idc about some of those hoarders because they are the ones that made the price go up because they wanted to have somthing rare ...
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Re: Revival Chests

bonniechi_ wrote:What do you mean by before changes take place? Does that mean if I keep my chests in my inventory they'll change or something?

I think the chests won't change, but the chances of getting old fash will be lowered later, so it would be better to use them now. Just guessing
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Re: Revival Chests

boymclir wrote:Old fashions are for old players and
new fashions are for new players.

Harsh lmao
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Re: Revival Chests

Redundant message is redundant
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Re: Revival Chests

Do you know how long it takes to make 20 mil let alone 1mil in this game? Mobs drop crap for gold, chests stopped dispensing much gold. Only way is to buy a ton of gold through plat which no one can afford. These insane prices of fash makes everything that's actually needed like lixes skyrocket to the point some people can't even lix to level up. It's insane how ridiculous the prices for everything are because a couple people who play the game as merchants want to be rich. This is a good way for otm to decrease the prices of everything so it makes it fair to those who can't come up with 20k for a flipping combo.

Re: Revival Chests

servers appear to be up but im stuck on the world select window. keeps saying "connot connect to server, try again later"
i tried force stop and reboot but i get the same thing
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Re: Revival Chests

boymclir wrote:Old fashions are for old players and
new fashions are for new players.

That's funny since if you put yourself in new player's position, you would've easily switched sides. People want fashion and the only decent fashion was that of hunter and lanrik. Trying to even get one piece of either fash is nearly impossible because people would just hoard and not sell them. Before any of you "old players" say anything, put yourself in "new players" position first.

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