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Re: Am I allowed to sell this

Nope, that's account selling and is against OTM rules.
Unless you mean you'll delete the account with the name if someone pays you?...
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Re: Am I allowed to sell this

Yeah thats what I meant, because I've picked up 140+ og names. (example two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten, ice,fire etc) All of the good lord of the rings names and much more.

Re: Am I allowed to sell this

Hercules62625 wrote:That's ridiculous... names shouldn't have a price. If someone wants it just let them have it.

Haha never, will pickup more and more og/good names ;)

Ya'll will have to go around with xherculesx and unfathomable in the end! ;p

Re: Am I allowed to sell this

Thanks for making a new server OTM....
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