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Re: Issues with the Level Lock Penalty for Proteus and Gelebron for End Game Players

Bluestarr wrote:
Aeslyn wrote:If OTM is considering feedback, then as one who would be competing against Blue for Proteus and Gelebron I do not think it would be fair to return her to 230. I think her full DG set and weapon that she has had equipped for nearly a year now is enough advantage against a non DG toon. Games are linear for a reason, and she's reached the current content end. I'd like that opportunity too and am happy to work for it within the same constraints she and the rest of Avalon had. Level lock and it's mechanics existed before Gelebron and Proteus, and was no surprise.


10 levels over boss before penalty is new. It used to be 20 levels and I've been over 230 for a couple years by doing bounties since level 225. I and many others should not be punished for being over 230 when it's bounties that are throwing us over. I can see you supporting anything that will help your clan but this issue isn't personal Aes. My imperial bow is not better then an EDL bow on chaos bosses. Please look at this objectively, not as someone who is opposing Avalon. It is not fair for those of us who went over 230 to have to start new in order to compete sometime in the future. We shouldn't be forced not to do bounties. Something needs to change.

Prot and gele are level 220, I'm 233. End game player killing end game bosses. The level gap for lock penalty is too low.

Id rather reach hard cap 240 tbh than just be 230 even if I lost locks [*]
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Re: Issues with the Level Lock Penalty for Proteus and Gelebron for End Game Players

I'm going to work really hard and get a great job because I really, really want to buy a Lambo.

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i really hope this story makes absolutely no sense (logically and rationally) at all to you guys because that's how ridiculous it is to penalise hard working people without even giving them a heads up.

Has absolutely nothing to do with top powerful clans. Just a ridiculous system built on poor foundations.
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