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Fingal Refund

So Whykickamoocow just attempted Gelebron, we do it every weekend. It's not easy coordinating 30+ people's schedules, but we manage to pull it off. This is the second week in a row that we haven't been able to do it because the server kicks people or lags so badly we can't even cast skills. One hour and a half of our time lost. I lost 3 hero combos, 6 mount whistles, a gang of restoration and attack pots. It's been over a week and you guys are off again this weekend leaving us with the bill. I can assure you we won't be your *cash cows* anymore, tighten up, refund our plat, apologize and handle your business.
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Re: Fingal Refund

I'm pretty sure someone from OTM will ask for a detailed explanation of the time, date, device, what constellation the big dipper was in, what your Sun sign is, and if you were standing on the left or right foot. Then they'll say they couldn't recreate the issue. In other words, instead of accepting responsibility and in good faith offering their customers a refund, play it off like the issue is just with us.
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Re: Fingal Refund

Oh yea we all want refunds on what we have wasted for the last couple 2 weeks, it's pretty stupid and furstrating, you can't fix the issue, give us what we have wasted, what we have gave up for in our lives to play this game and kill those bosses, give us the time we wasted "trying" to make people happy, give us the time we wasted thinking CH is an amazing game, give us the money we've spent and wasted out of that glitch, give us an apology!

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Re: Fingal Refund

I agree with everything these players have been saying, but it's hard to speak of my sorrow through this crappy keyboard. Mine is a tale of true woe.

Please please fix your server, your game software and your attitude towards your customers before the tears in my eyes erode the screen on my phone.

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