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Re: So..

Somber wrote:For real it's just for druids and rangers? I know it's not April 1st yet...

No but if OTM wanted to make it fair for all classes they would. Rogues, warriors, and mages already have it easy with leveling speed. It's weird the way they do things. They make it easy leveling for 3 class and rather than fix it to where it's equal speed leveling they do some xp curve which still keeps it with druids and rangers taking more time and resources than the other classes.

OTM created this problem and still really won't fix it like it needs to be.
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Re: So..

Somber wrote:So what are they doing for those classes? Druid and ranger. Just for my druid to 215 too lol... at least 215-220 will be a bit easier...

Your druid will prob be lvl 230+ by the time that update comes :lol:

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