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Hey Guys, I've been thinking about starting to make some videos playing Celtic Heroes and I am wondering what kind of content would be enjoyable for you to watch. Things I have considered covering are: Tutorials on leveling, the roles of each character in a group (bossing or lvling), rare mob spawn kills, world boss kills, builds for lvling and bossing, chest openings and item reviews. If you think any of these stand as something you would enjoy watching let me know and I'll try to make a video on it as soon as possible. I do plan to do a large chest opening video around next double plat. Est. end of May. Probably 600 chests. I would also like to start perhaps a small podcast type thing composed of a variety of players to discuss some things we'd like to see happen in the game with the coming days and perhaps just talk about some things that make the game enjoyable to us. Thanks guys!
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