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A collection of collections

I want to know what you collect, since collections are a big part of the game.
I'll start, naturally.
4018 chickens and counting.
Every single color huntsman mask.
The only 85% speed Cranfir Spiritsteed Horse on Belenus (His name is Sir Phillip II)

Blow me out of the water collectors :)
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Re: A collection of collections

my favorite thing that i have collected here with my time in celtic heros is about 50 2014 santa hats . and about 150 new santa hats. All colors and affects before new santa hats came out the santa market was good for me selling 2014 santas 400k 500k i was buying 200k each at the time.. Now i am sitting on a possibly lots of gold one day .. Hopefully they dont ever drop santa hats again

Re: A collection of collections

I collect huntsmen mask too. I'm not very rich but I have 3 colors so far. I'm not even going to try for white or black but I do really want purple and green.

Message me in Rhiannon if you are selling any huntsman mask :)
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