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Rosmerta defeats Gelebron

Tonight Clan Forever of Rosmerta defeated Gelebron.

Screenshots and video will follow.

It was taken cleanly, easily beating rage.

Our clan is less than a year old, but we have achieved our goal of bringing back the pride to Rosmerta.

Rosmerta Forever!

Re: Rosmerta defeats Gelebron

At last, Clan Forever of Rosmerta, has finally defeated Gelebron. We, as a clan has endured many practice trials in order to create this day a wonderful one. Throughout many trials we acquire significant mistakes and experience. As we learn from our mistakes, we alter our plan and implement them. Sacrificing elixirs, potions, platinum, etc. in order to make this day occur.

Resetting adds was a success. Everyone understand their role. Everyone listened. We defeated.

With everyone support we was able to bring down Gelebron to his knees.

The defeat of Gelebron went smoothly and we've beaten the rage time. I am very satisfied of our accomplishment and want to thanks my clan for their determination without losing hope.
Rosmerta - Forever
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