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Re: Kills

Afaik a warrior has never killed prot or gele on arawn. Maybe 1 or 2 prot kills. im not so sure about edls and a few event 200/210 kills have been warrior
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Re: Kills

Warriors using blunt always get the kill on the event spider. Outside of that warrior DPS blows. I believe we had one gele kill from a warrior on taranis but overall warrior dps is low.
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Re: Kills

Blackrhino wrote:IMG_8265.jpg

Granted that's Full DG war with void axe. Prior to DG, warrior dps is average at best.

Can u post pic of the wep?
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Re: Kills

On lir, ive seen 224ish warr get kill on bird 6* lixed up with max frenzy 1h axe and axe offhand dont remember other gear. Other than that a 215ish warr got kill on 200 6* event spider, i think he was using a 2h hammer dont remember any other gear

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