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Hoarding Clan Drops

In Clan Forever of Rosmerta we suspected one of our main drop collectors had been hoarding drops and keeping for themselves. While the reason they are stealing from our clan is not known we were able to get the proof we needed to know this was happening. We have allowed all clan members to vote on band to decide if we should kick that person from our clan.

Have other clans on other servers have ever had this happen? What did you do?

Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

Has happened on arawn in the past. They left and went to comp lol. Then deleted the acc...then came back then deleted again...yeah :roll:

If anyone ever does this in the future, i highly doubt they will be allowed to stay in clan
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Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

We kicked the only person who stole a drop.

Best way is to screenshot drops and see who got them. Then post your banks inventory somewhere all clan members can see. All clans need a trustworthy bank person though.

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Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

I've been the chief of a few warden/mete/frozen centered clans in the past and this has happened to us.
I know someone will say this content is useless, but contrary to your belief there are lower levels in this game. We had 2 bank accounts. 1 was accessible by gens, guards, chief, while other was just accessible by gens and chief. The benefit we found to doing this was we could actively distribute lower tier event items and rings and jewlery etc and warden/mete drops, but also the other bank would hold all of our frozen, lower dl, and higher tier event items (usually 100+ req), since these we distributed with a system of dkp (not well organized dkp but still dkp).

Yes we have had a few incidents of drop stealing, but the thing is the only gens were VERY VERY VERY trusted among the clan and must have had a high rep on the server likewise. Whenever a guard was caught stealing drops (it was usually a couple rems and tabs or rings), they were instantly demoted to recruit. They had a day to give the drops back or they would be kicked. Someone who did this was never eligible to be any rank higher than clansman, which we tripled the requirements for the rank for them. All in all, it's about having a good contingency plan. This way if someone does mess over the clan, you have the ability to take back all high tier raid drops and drops that they took from bank or they get banned from clan. It's a terrible idea to gear someone with full frozen (we never got any dl legs, top, or weps) then just kick them, so instead we used it to our advantage as they were almost guaranteed to not get much better gear (they had a lower chance to get needed drops than an alt would)
Hope your situation goes well. Drops can usually be regained if you speak to the person abraisivly.

Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

Generally, my clan, and I believe most clans on Donn, warn for first stealing or selling quest drop offense and boot for second offense. It has happened in the past that leadership goes mildly inactive and stops logging in the clan bank and, as a result, several guardians started keeping the drops among themselves, only donating everything after there was a return to regular clan bank activity. I could see disagreement over this action, but what should a clan do when dozens of valuable items or donated to a bank and suddenly the donators find that, perhaps, no one will ever see those items again? Do you keep sending those items into oblivion?
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Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

Curious how many clans keep thier clan bank(s) inventory transparent to all clan memebers. There is a tendency I've noticed for some clans to keep the bank secret unless you ask a gen for a specific drop. I think the reason is people will ask for drops if they know the clan has them.
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Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

Happened recently on server Donn in our clan Concordiia. There was a General that stole drops from bank. (He just got access) so he knew he was gonna get kicked so he left clan himself. He also admitted stealing, but in his defense he says "it was a xmas gift for clan and he wanted to make new bank to store items there to make it easier for the bankers." Which supposedly isnt true.
If so was the case he could have talked to any of the Generals about it before going on with his decision. Anyways thats what happened. But to avoid this problem we have different banks. One where all the "better" gear/weps/jewelry goes (very limited access) and one where the rest of the gear/weps/jewlery. Works kinda well. So if something is gone, youd easy know who it was or have few options to chose from.
I dont think he should be in bank. And if you decide to keep him. He should start from begining as recruit and work his way up again.
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Re: Hoarding Clan Drops

Muldar can you please Ban this account Annael above. It is not the actual Annael from the game, and continues to pretend to be so.

- One of our clansman took it upon himself to collect drops when no guardians were on, or keep drops that landed on him instead of mailing,

It was not one of our top drop collectors.

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