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The thing everyone's been waiting fir

So during the lancers of lirs update, we were given plenty of wonderful things. Buuut there seems to be one thing in specific that hasn't been added yet. I know you guys said the auction house would come sometime in 2017, but when exactly is "sometime". THE PEOPLE EXPECT GREAT THINGS

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Re: The thing everyone's been waiting fir

Muldar wrote:Early 2017.

In the next few weeks we will be releasing a small "hotfix" update then planning out our first 2017 content update.

When I have further details I will let everyone know.

We have learned by experience that OTM feels that "early in the year" means December.
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Re: The thing everyone's been waiting fir

I'm excited for the AH! This means we can shop without having to wait for a person to log on. Means that we can buy stuff anonymously. Means so many things. Means I can sell my stuff without being judged on my price because I need gold.

Are there fees with AH?
Is there a bid and buyout option?
Is there a level requirement to use AH?
Are the items sorted so I can scan for Skain and see all skain?
Is there an option for me to enter a level i.e. I need jewelry for my level 150 Druid so I enter level range 145 to 155 and see all jewelry that counts?

So many questions !!!!!
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