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Raids closer to max

Has anyone noticed with the reduced overall spawn time of raids with this new event that now a lot of raids are spawning a lot closer to the max time more consistently then usual? Maybe just a streak of bad luck wasn't sure if it is happening on other servers.
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Re: Raids closer to max

I havnt really noticed this to happen with hrung or mord and necro is a scheduled raid on arawn so wouldnt make a dif anyway. And i havnt been to an aggy kill in a long time :)
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Re: Raids closer to max

We have had mixed results. Sometimes it's one hour after window opens, so we have killed Mordris and Necro in back to back days, and at times it took 30+ hours.

The 36-hour respawn is too short. Something is always due and we have to get toons parked or camping, not much time to fish or do bounties any more. So much for new content when more camping is introduced.

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