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Server Restart - Bug Fixes


Hey Heroes,

Server restart for both iOS and Android today for additional server / data fixes.

Android servers will be down in roughly 15 minutes at 3PM GMT.

iOS servers will be down in roughly 30 minutes at 3:15PM GMT.

Minor data changes server side and a few server bug fixes to hopefully improve reported issues (Spawn points etc)

Should be a short downtime but I will keep you updated.

Muldar /
Ranger - 172 - Balor - Android

Re: Server Restart - Bug Fixes

Yay more raids!

I'm sure you have a list of bugs to fix, but just in case here are a few i saw maybe you dont know about some:

1. Growths still dont work on battle mounts (any visual effects on fash or gear are affected by growth, so its basically a shadow necro dag with a green glow longer than the dag itself.
2. Lots of people randomly shown in moving pose although they aren't moving
3. The mount system is stupid (please fix this bug)
4. I'm glitching when i switch main hand weapons on bear
5. Are you sure you increase high tier drop rates? we got poop on necro mord hrung and aggy (we did get shadow axe from gele tho)

Thanks :), keep us in the loop
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Clan: Resurgence
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