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Lancers Of Lir - iOS Update

Hey Heroes,

Mounted warriors ride for Dal Riata!


iOS servers will be down in 50 minutes at 11AM GMT for the release of Celtic Heroes: Lancers Of Lir Update!

This will require a client update so keep an eye on the App Store (Client make take some time to propagate to all territories)

Time to finish up your bounties, bosses and quests!
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Re: Lancers Of Lir - iOS Update

Server Just went down :) no update in app store but I am looking eagerly!

Note: If wait time is similar to Lancers update on Android or Tides of Fate on iOS, then I am prepared to possibly wait 4 to 8 hours (not 48 hours) patiently eating holiday treats while the new app updates on Apple's App Store. However, if Apple's original app updates of years past are a guide, then I can hope for this update to arrive as soon as this current hour :D So, prepared yet hopeful (and either way eating holiday snacks!)
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Re: Lancers Of Lir - iOS Update

Sunbrook wrote:When can we expect an update in Fingal for all the issues we have (lag, mounts,...)

We are currently looking into all bugs reported over the weekend.
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