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Since the patch, did any server even get a pureness from base? We kill Proteus daily, and as u know most are base, and yet not a single one gave us pureness yet.

Another question, why didnt OTM change Proteus Prime to guaranteed pureness? Wasnt it part of the suggestions? If Prot prime isnt guaranteed pureness and prot base has a 0.000000001% chance to drop one, did OTM even change anything? Could have saved the time on that if that is the case.
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Re: Proteus

we have killed about 20-30(not sure exact amount) base since pureness update on base... Not a single pureness has dropped from base idk about rivals but likely they didnt get any either. (proteus goes down on spawn)

Re: Proteus

Your servers must just be unlucky. We killed 3 base in a row, all dropping a pureness.
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Re: Proteus

We got 1 since the update. It's like Stonecrusher dropping a crown, the difference is, you can get multiple Stonecrushers per day.

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Re: Proteus

I think we have got 3 from Base. Prime hasn't been much better. Prime should be guaranteed like others have suggested....
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Re: Proteus

Tfw you are still are 209, gotta lift my game
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Re: Proteus

We had 1 pure drop from base so far. Had the luck to spawn 3 primes tho. 2/3 dropping pure. Very close to finnish one set xD
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Re: Proteus

It seems too low, from the day there was the patch we didnt miss a single proteus, did all daily without a single pureness from base. What else I thought the suggestion ALREADY INCLUDED guaranteed pureness from prime.
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