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Re: game is dead posts?

Probably people who rage quit the game because someone else got an item they wanted :lol:
Epona is one of the most active servers, though.... I really have no idea how some other servers are doing :(
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Re: is this game dying/dead??

It's not dying, it's just not growing. The issue with ch is that OTM is a relatively small company and thus cannot afford huge advertisement funding, which is fine because there are plenty of other FREE ways of advertising.

The issue is that these free ways, such as YouTube, is useless because video making is extremely limited.

I really do hope permanent content allows for more variety.
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Re: is this game dying/dead??

So here are my observations

I recently started a low level clan in Lugh with it's intention to help new lower level players and keep them in the game.

The influx of new players is pretty high, too bad most of them quit fast due to scamming, high lux prices and the hard progress eventually due to the steep xp curve increase after level 70 ish.

So in terms of new players the game is not dead. Somehow otm manages to attract new players to this game.

But in terms of how many people you see above 150 the game is pretty much dead. Except for raids there aren't many reasons to log in. Maybe do your bounties, do bounties on your alts, kill some snorri and unox phs and thats about it.

Fishing is pretty much obsolete, as for me I don't see a point to waste gold and time to get what?! A sunken lock box, more mackarels? The new fishing content needs to come 'very soon'. It was nice to see that so many players returned to check fishing, it was a pity to see them go inactive due to lack of content for fishing.

Re: is this game dying/dead??

I think that Belenus has gone back to it's more active days, I see a lot of players around and us as a clan get 30+ on daily.
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Re: is this game dying/dead??

Like paggasquid said, the game is perfectly fine up to about level 100+. There are still quite a few people joining on a regular basis, but they just get turned off because of the xp curve and prices of things. Not many non-alts make it past 130ish, let alone 150-200. Android might be different, but then again, I think Android is a bigger market, plus CH is newer there.

Honestly, there is no easy fix to this. Leveling is supposed to be hard, there is no way around it. People really do just log for raid bosses or important bosses like Snorri and Unox.
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Re: is this game dying/dead??

I quit playing due to the constant drama on taranis. There is good people on all sides and some butt heads on all sides but the relentless pissing contest made it less enjoyable. (I am as guilty as anyone as far as participation goes) if otm ever allowed server transfers I would come back active most likely. Otherwise it was fun while it lasted and I'll miss the people more than I'll miss the vicious cycle of same kills multiple times a day. Nothing new to do kept it stagnant.

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