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Re: Gelebron kills?

Arawn tries to kill twice per week but we been a bit lazy last few weeks so probably killed once per week more than we have twice.
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Re: Gelebron kills?

Epona is now killing twice a week pretty casually, we've even killed on spawn without a schedule a couple of times.
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Re: Gelebron kills?

Sulis has in total killed 3 times.. it hasn't gone down in 2 months... our last attempt was 2 weeks ago and managed to get it 75% with 28 ppl.. really hard to get right amount of people in these small servers... also i don't think every server has killed it yet

Re: Gelebron kills?

Danu a round 4-5 times and once every 2 weeks at best
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Re: Gelebron kills?

Danu has killed 8 times. It's scheduled weekly ...last week we failed, but we got him down this Saturday with the lowest amount of dps so far for us: 34 toons total, 20 being dps.
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Re: Gelebron kills?

We've been trying to get 2 kills a week recently on herne, and it's been 2 weeks so far and we've gotten 4 kills. Hoping to keep the momentum up.
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