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Apple app review time

Everyone has been saying for some time now that apples app review process is 2 weeks, and that android's app review process is much shorter (which is y android always gets released first). I was curious and did some googling; While it is true that android's review process is much shorter (2 hrs according to one article), apple's process does not take 2 weeks. These articles say, based on feedback from developers, average apple review time is 8 days. And one article says apple themselves reported their average review time as 5 days. According to one site that tracks review times based on developer feedback, the current review time is 2 days. Also, apple reviewers work weekends, so that's 5 Calendar days not Business days. So why are iOS players waiting 2 weeks, supposedly for apple to approve the update?

And while I'm on the subject of content release...Why is content being released on android before iOS? If Otm knows that apple approval takes longer, mayb they should send it to apple and wait a couple days before sending it to android. If they know apple takes 5 days to review, and android only takes 2 hrs; then u send it to apple, wait 5 days and then send it to android. And if it gets rejected on one platform, u have the other platform hold their release until u can fix the issues and resubmit it. They should be timing their submissions to android/apple so that content gets released for both platforms on the same day, not week(s) apart.

Re: Apple app review time

It used to be up until a little over a year ago, ios always got the update first. And then they began to alternate them. Sometimes ios got 2 updates first and sometimes android got 2 updates first.

I don't think one should be held up because of the other. When the update is ready, submit them both. That was always the complaints from Android users when apple had an issue and we had to wait on apple. I don't think one platform should wait for another platform.
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Re: Apple app review time

Cause on the play store they have more freedom and they get to release it asap while on apple they have to review it if I can remember correctly
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Re: Apple app review time

I play ios and honestly don't see any problem with android getting the update first. Why should they have to wait if they can get it. and ios can't?
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Re: Apple app review time

Well at first i understood why it was hateful to get update on a plateform before another...Like update usually are really looked toward players, and knowing some players have it, and other don't is always shown as unfair.
But the way the beta system is done allow us to check all content before update...sooo....well it shouldnt bother anyone?? i mean everyone already knows wich content will be on
BUT it would look way more professional to wait a realease both at the same time...can't deny that ;D

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