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Re: New Forum Theme!

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:
FruitcakeLuuk wrote:Change it BAAAACCKKK!!!! Not a fan

Calm down, just take some time to get used to it

It is pretty much in a beta state at the moment, might be a bit better by the end of tomorrow but I will probably put in work over the weekend :lol:

Still a lot I would like to change but overall it is much cleaner and provides a ton more functionality which I am happy about.

It is a bit of a sudden change but I think people will like it after a few days, I miss the old theme a bit but over time this theme will get a lot nicer :)

To Do:
Header adjustments for pages other than index
Font work
General colour work
Further server adjustments
Further mod installs
General HTML edits
Potentially topic icon changes

New links bar at the top links to our other forms of social media + some community links!

(Also broke some avatars, will fix that later tonight)

Re: New Forum Theme!

Exevol wrote:Why fix something that didnt need to be fixed? If we complain about the forum for 6 months will you guys fix raid drops?

phpBB 3.0 reached "End of life" in 2015, as such security patches would no longer be continued by the phpBB team.
This eventual move to 3.1 was planned for the end of last year but was sidelined until I felt comfortable with the system and had the infrastructure in place to facilitate such a move.
(https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtop ... &t=2302466)

While some may deem it as "didnt need to be fixed" the 3.1 package provides a host of benefits to ensure the forum is still running for years to come. Further details can be found here: https://www.phpbb.com/about/launch/

This change was preformed solely by myself with much of it being in my free time (9:30pm here, still working on it)

Re: New Forum Theme!

For some reason it won't let me access the desktop site. S.O.S
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Re: New Forum Theme!

Nice work Muldar! Though I like the desktop version a bit more cos it's easier on my eyes..

When you tap the drop-down menus in the top left they tend to cover up the small button, and if you want to close them again you have to scroll around until you're able to tap the button.

If possible could you keep the two together so that it's easier to close if accidentally opened?

Would you kindly?


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