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Re: Lir's Proteus prime killed by Leminiscate :))

Highpriesttt wrote:
FeelmyHeat wrote:Oh and actually it was 23. You said 17. Cuz 2 of tall where on multiple accounts(:
Again crybal cry in forum, you have more lots ppls and no kill him. Go cry in other topic.

Your such children really I'm glad I blocked you all. Only thing you can do is lie and try to make other clans look bad so yall feel better about your own actions. As of the crying look at 80% of your clans post looks like yall need some tissues. Yesterday I laught so hard you trying to recruit one of our members by saying you loved them and would help them in anyway. But one of your member ks her on lix just 5 minutes before that. Most people see your true colors and this is the last thing I'm going to say about your clan on the forum nor in game. I'm sick of the word twisting and dirty games.

Re: Lir's Proteus prime killed by Leminiscate :))

kyrelka wrote:Im happy to annunce that Proteus prime was killed by Leminicate today :)
We did it by 17 clannies grats to us :)))

Congrats it works better when adds aren't being pulled does it. Maybe yall can return the favor and engage in fair play. And play with your own accounts.

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