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First drop after boss release 3 yrs ago

Now any former Rosmerta players or current inactive players correct me if im wrong but...

Clan Forever just received Rosmerta's first(potentially second not 100% sure) fire dmg mord helm... A Darkscale Helm of the Sun. Now the server has some sea helms I believe a total of 4? the highest being a shadow sea helm. But we have yet to see a Earth helm or the ever so elusive Moon helm.

Now if that doesnt say anything about messed up drop rates for decent not even bad drops i think something needs a look at. I understand these helms are rare but why are the rarer than normal stat helms?

To me as a long time player its concerning that I cant even have a chance at a Dark version of a Damage helm because of their rarity... I couldnt imagine someone who dreams of owning a Void Helm as I doubt there are more than 10 total across ALL servers... but again correct me if I am wrong

Also would be cool to hear about the helm drops for other servers 8-)

Player ideas, comments, concerns? even open to feedback from OTM? :)

Re: First drop after boss release 3 yrs ago

We have a few: our ranger darkstar has a void sun, we have two dark Suns and someone out of our clan has shadow sun. We have about 4 sea one is shadow and our ranger eritand has the magic damage attack helm dark earth?
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