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Epona's 4th Gelebron Kill

After a few months of inactvity and a few failed attempts, today Epona came together and thwarted Gelebron once again. Thanks all who attended and made things possible. Drops were confluxs of folklore and pureness; Mighty Ranger Band +6/+6 sharp shot/sharpen weapons +400 bow +120 heat dmg; Majestic Ice Shards ring +12 shards and +405 skill dmg; and Majestic Natures Touch ring +12 touch and +378 heal. Grats to the lucky winners and we will see you all again next Sunday same time same place! :)
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Re: Epona's 4th Gelebron Kill

Hison wrote:
offiues wrote:
Xx Bazinga xX wrote:Congratulations!! (I'm not endgame but I admire you guys' teamwork)

This guy's still here bug off getting your post count up

Why hate?

Check Bazingas post and how related they r to the topics and then u will understand why.
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