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Re: First void axe from gelebron

Perky wrote:
betus wrote:
Perky wrote:Grats, it's a nice wep. Do you guys have more Void Gele weps?

Also a void bow. Shadow axe. A few shadow wands. Maybe 7 dark axe and a few of everything else. Gele loves axes :/

Sweet. Our Gele loves Wands :p
We have 2 Dark, 1 Shadow and 1 Void.

Do you guys kill it several times a week?

Yeah we kill a few a week. Killed 3 in 3 days tho thanks to this event and reset :)
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Re: First void axe from gelebron

I'm only using a dark one of these. Even with att on it, it's still handy to tank with. (I'll trade you :( )
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