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Re: Things you remember from CH in the past!

I remember when the game used to be fun..I'm kidding :lol: I remember you always ran in a different way than it is now. Also seeing every rogue with the same gear. Quest armour and heroic Lux with a offhand lol classic old update starter pack
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Re: Things you remember from CH in the past!

Only having 5 inventory space...

And giving Simon the finger! The puns made that one of my favorite quests.

EDIT: I actually really enjoyed the pun-filled nature of quests back then, and while now they have become more grave I am glad the bounty board has revitalized the chuckles!
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Re: Things you remember from CH in the past!

Hoarding the Lord Pumpleroot behind the villiage (first event ever, Halloween 2011). Pretty sure I'm the only one on Sulis who Still has a Pumpleroot heart.
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